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 7/11/2013, Emily W - got to hand it toyou, you certainly know your stuff, the best way to tire a dog out is to tire their mind. Every night after his walk and dinner insane puppy starts running around like a lunatic and barking, I spend 10 minutes doing some training with him, nothing complex just sit, down, stay etc and within 10 minutes of that, spike settles down and falls asleep and I get to watch tv in peace.

6/9/2013 Emily W - If there's a heaven, then it is surely puppy nursery! By far the best 'party' I've ever been to and I got to cuddle a puuuuuug!


fly hubhubble

Hilary and Hubble's story.(Pictured at a flyball competition and having an ear bandaged on a canine first aid course),

My terrier cross Hubble is my first dog. I wanted a happy well behaved dog that I could take pretty much anywhere, but realised that I didn't know how to do this on my own. I saw a poster for training in my vets and after advice from Sarah and Greame, signed up for their Adult 1 course. (Yes, I'd left it a bit late already!!) we could have joined Puppy Socialising classes! From there, Hubble and I have passed our Kennel Club Bronze, tried agility (he was great, I can't run) and now love our Graduate Class and Flyball activities.

The emphasis of all their' activities is positive reinforcement of good behaviour. They want us to have fun with our dogs and bond with them...'Progression, not perfection' is how we view each new challenge. What can I say... Hubble and I love it, thank guys!

From Jan and Bumble:

Bumble and I discovered Positively Pawsome from a dog lover we met in Pets At Home on the day I brought him home age 9 weeks. As soon as he had his immunisation shot we were able to take him along to puppy nursery (socialization). From the minute we walked in Bumble felt right at home and I had to carry him back to the car after each session, as he didn't want to leave! (This still happens months later). Bumble has progressed through his classes and is currently in Puppy 3. Thanks to lots of patience and encouragement from Sarah, Vickie, Nicky and Pete we are both progressing, this is sporadic due to Bumble being stubborn and me still learning to help him reach his potential. I struggle being around lots of people but this was looked at and taken into account as we moved on, for which I am so grateful.  Bumble has spent some enjoyable time in daycare with Graeme and comes home totally pooped but very happy, as Graeme ensures all the dogs in his care have a stimulating and happy time there playing games with him and with other dogs/puppies.

Graeme and Sarah are thoughtful and sympathetic if you are struggling and need support and have helped me immensely when I've needed support recently and I see this with others who attend. It's blatantly obvious the love this whole team has for all the furkids they train and are owned by, and the pure enjoyment they all get from doing what they do. I'd thoroughly recommend you all to anyone who wants their puppy/adult dog trained in the gentle manner you all have and can't wait for Bumble to be able to attempt some agility in the new year. You guys are amazing!


From Vanessa, Andy and Ben

After researching many puppy training providers on the Wirral, we decided to attend puppy training, and we have never looked back since! . Ben has attended Puppy 1, 2 and 3. I'm not sure who enjoyed the training most - us or the dog! We were novices at dog ownership, and attending these training sessions not only turned our shy pup into a friendly and sociable dog, but also gave us as owners more confidence, support and understanding of the best way to look after our beloved dog.

Sarah and Graeme really know their stuff, and are so knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of dog training.

Thank you to all, and all the best for the future!

 From Deb and Ozzy

I started at puppy classes with my dog Ozzy when he was around 12 weeks old -he is now 18 months old and enjoying his flyball classes. I joined after a recommendation from someone else as I was really wary about even owning a dog due to not having a flippin clue !! Ozzy has worked his way through all the classes and loves them so much he starts whimpering in the car when we get anywhere near either the unit or the agility field as he know he is going to see Auntie Sarah and Uncle Graeme! I have had sooo much support from Sarah and Graeme over the last 18 months and its great to know that there is always someone there to help you out or reassure you that know what they are doing and are so caring with it. For me, they made the difference in me enjoying Ozzy's 'puppy-hood' and worrying over everything I didn't understand. Ozzy has had a few issues over his development which Sarah has always helped me to deal with -nothing has ever been too much trouble. Thank you so much for your help I really would have been lost without you both xx

remyFrom Sian, Rich and Remy 

We first met Sarah and Graeme at Barks in the Park in 2011 where they had a have a go agility set up. Remy loved it so much that we decided to make it a weekly activity for us all and have now been doing agility for almost two years. It is very clear to see that Graeme loves dogs of all shapes and sizes and is very passionate about helping owners to realise their dog's potential. We thoroughly enjoy our Saturday mornings and even ventured to enter a competition this year, or were we press ganged by Graeme??!



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From Jan Elsie and Bronson

Both of my dogs Elsie and Bronson have attended Puppy Nursery and Puppy 1 training.  

After such a great experience with Bronson we recently took our new pup Elsie.

The Puppy Nursery is brilliant and everybody always comments when I'm out at how well socialised and friendly both of my dogs are. 

Puppy 1 gives some great training and simple things you can practice all the time at home. 


From Jill and Dooghal:

Dooghal, nearly 2, went to puppy nursery last year and it was the best thing ever to ensure he knew how to socialise when out . He loves all dogs he meets even grumpy ones. Now our new pup Treacle goes to puppy nursery and is learning the same good doggy skills. Dooghal now loves his training class and Flyball. All thanks to Sarah and Graeme. Thanks guys.


From Jane and Bessie:

I started puppy nursery with my staffy Bessie when she was 9 weeks old, we are now in puppy 2. From the very first session we were made to feel welcome and whenever Bessie is being a little terror at training (which happens quite a bit) Sarah and Nicky have always been brilliant and understanding. I have been given loads of advice from Nicky and if ever I am unsure of anything Sarah, Graeme, Nicky and Pete have always been there to help. Training is always fun and I enjoy it as much as Bessie and the trainers show genuine care and understanding of each individual dog. I really do feel that puppy training has helped form a close bond between me and Bess. Thank you from the both of us xx



amy and poppy

From Amy and Poppy:

I've been taking my terrier Poppy to agility classesfrom around May 2013.

Sarah and Graeme are very knowledgable about dog training and behaviour and are always attending seminars and courses to learn more and keep their knowledge up to date, but just as importantly they are always really positive and encouraging towards the people and dogs they work with, which creates a fun, and supportive class environment for dogs and their owners. 

I have 4 dogs in total, and had a bad experience attending a puppy class  with my first puppy 11 years ago, and ever since I've always trained my dogs by myself at home instead. So I was very picky when choosing an agility class and looked for a long time before eventually deciding to try Positively Pawsome, even though it was one of the furthest away from where I live. It has been well worth it. Pops can sometimes be a bit afraid of new people, and men in particular, but Graeme and Pete were great with her and she took to them in no time. She has progressed really quickly with her training, absolutely loves her classes, and has made lots of doggy friends, and I've met loads of fantastic people too. I'd happily recommend these guys to anyone. 

 From Amanda and Vinnie:

Vinnie started puppy nursery at 9 weeks old and puppy 1 & 2. At puppy nursery Vinnie learnt how to socialize with other dogs and we now have a gorgeous friendly dog who I never have to worry about when we are out and about or with friends dogs. At puppy 1 & 2 Vinnie learnt how to be obedient and me and Andy learnt how to train the newest member to our family to help him grow in to a well behaved and happy dog and I would 100% recommend Positively Pawsome to anyone x



From Sue and Scooby:

Scooby started classes when he was about 14wks old. He has progressed through the classes from puppy classes all the way through to graduate class. He has passed his kennel club bronze and is a lovely dog. We tried our hand at agility and flyball, in which the team atmosphere is excellent, very welcoming and always happy to help.

The help I have received has been extremely beneficial, especially with scooby dropping in and out of puppy hood every few months. I would recommend Positively Pawsome to anyone, for their kind support, variety of classes and most of all the friendship you gain whilst being there.