About Us

Positively Pawsome is run by an group of passionate people they offer the best possible service to you and your dog.
We believe that dogs should be listened too and worked with to have a happy family.
Our classes provide you and your dog the experience and knowledge of Instructors to help with all  puppy, adulescent training problems.
All our classes are designed to promote the positive training methods and positive handling of all animals.
They continuously attend courses for professional development and truly are obsessive when it comes to dog training!. 
Our Instructors are:
Graeme Storey - Head  Trainer. 
I have experience with all breeds of dogs and know how to find their motivation.  I firmly believe that early socialisation and training can help prevent many behavioural problems from occurring in later life, and also believe that a dogs training should be life long which is why I offer a large range of classes suitable for all ages and abilities of dogs.
Graeme has been a dog trainer since 2003.  Graeme has had pets all his life and was given Riley a scruffy little Shih Tzu at 10 weeks old, he knew he would have his hands full after the first night when Riley escaped the puppy pen and fell asleep in a box of sugar puffs! After cleaning Riley up, Graeme knew he would have to find a training class so promptly joined a club and progressed through the obedience classes but always knew that he wanted Riley to be an agility dog. 
After his first year of agility training Graeme and Riley had won the beginners agility trainer trophy and soon began competing all over the UK. While training Riley the opportunity came for Graeme to become a competition agility instructor and instructed for 4 years in agility and 1 year in Flyball before starting Instructing in Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme in 2010 and later instructing classes in Association of Pet Dog Trainers Good Companion Scheme in 2014.
Graeme and Riley had amassed 40 top 5 places in agility in 3 years competition and in their final full year had won enough kennel club points to add Agility Warrant Silver to the horde of trophies, rosettes and certificates they have won together.  Graeme adopted Lola after she had an unexpected litter of puppies at 9 months old, Lola known as “ the good one” although faster than Riley has only ever won 1 trophy in agility but excels in her obedience.
 rILEY AND LOLAlola biscuitlola rose
  • Training For Training 1 & 2, with Kim Hunt Derbyshire Agility Centre.
  • Dog Law with Trevor Cooper.
  • Canine First Aid and CPR with Rachel Bean RVN.
  • Canine First Aid Host for Rachel Beans events since 2010.
  • Dog Smarts- Unleash your dogs Intelligence, with Victoria Stillwell.
  • Kennel Club Seminars.

I have instructed classes in Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme from 2011 - 2014 as well as Association Pet Dog Trainers Puppy, Foundation, Progress and Jubilee classes from 2014 -2016.  I have instructed in Agility since 2008 and have always enjoyed helping people understand their dogs, and I have always loved dogs and love how they communicate with us, the offer us so much and ask so little.

While running Dog daycare centre i was approached to worked with Birkenhead Council Parks to provide Educational events regarding the problem the loose dogs attacking wildlife.  We provided a fun dog show with attendance of the Birkenhead Park wardens and provided educational booths, We later worked with Caldy Grammer School, Friends of Arno Park, Friends of Birkenhead Kennels and various charities providing fun dogs shows in Chester, Caldy, Birkenhead Liverpool.

Our events have educated the public and enabled the Friends of Birkenhead Kennels to Microchip over 200 dogs at our last event with them.

During Covid Graeme has continued to help clients and puppies by providing one to one appointments to help with the ongoing development and training of dogs in order to help combat any issues that may develop due to isolation.